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Exciting Places in Ubud

Visiting the Island of the Gods Bali is incomplete to enjoy a tour of Ubud and its surroundings. Exciting Places in Ubud located not far away from Ubud center is nice to visit for your Bali Holidays. Bali is a tourist destination in Indonesia that is full of various exotic places to its unique culture and dance performance.

One of the locations that attract the attention of many tourists is Ubud tourism. Ubud itself is one of the villages located in the central part of Bali Island.

Its natural charm in the form of forests to various temples as places of worship for the surrounding community makes Ubud one of the favorite tourist locations for tourists. The friendliness of the residents often makes these tourists reluctant to leave Ubud.

These 10 best places surrounding Ubud can reach by taking Full Day Tours or Half Day Tours. So, what are the tours it’s surroundings that are worth a visit? Check out the full description below.

ubud market

Traveling to Ubud will not be complete without visiting and enjoying shopping at Arts Market. This Ubud tourist attraction in the form of an Art Market is a must-enjoy for you, especially fans of antiques and unique items. Besides being able to shop, tourists can also capture photos in several aesthetic locations.

ubud palace

We can already tell from the name of Ubud Palace or Puri Saren Agung that this castle is located in Ubud Bali. Located just opposite of Art Market. Every evening there is Traditional Dance will be held right in front of the main palace gate is Legong Dance, Mask Dance, Barong Dance, and other combination Balinese Dance. Being one of the well-known place destinations for local or foreign tourists makes this Palace never empty and always visited by visitors. Oh yes, to be able to enter the Ubud castle, visitors do not need to pay an entrance ticket.

elephant cave ubud

Not only about natural scenery, for those of you who are interested in the history of the Island of the Gods and its various legacies, but this Ubud tourist attraction can also be a reference. Goa Gajah was a place of worship for monks in ancient times. This place was built in the 11th Century by the King of Udayana.

Various relics such as statues to temples can arouse your curiosity about the history that is left in that location. One of the locations that are often used as a photo spot is the entrance.

tegallalang rice terrace

Do you want to enjoy the countryside-style scenery that is cool and peaceful in your mind? Ubud attractions, Tegalalang rice terraces can be the right choice for you. Its location which is also close to Goa Gajah makes this tourist attraction in great demand by tourists.

Not only the natural scenery in the form of a unique rice field slope, but tourists can also enjoy various Balinese culinary offerings that are offered by several traders around the tourist sites.

ubud bali swing

The tourist destination in Ubud which is currently quite popular is the Bali Swing. In this place, tourists are presented with a unique experience by climbing a giant swing directly opposite the cliff.

Even though it is enough to trigger adrenaline, tourists can also capture one of these terrible moments. The results of the photos look attractive and aesthetic to share on social media.

Ayung River

For those of you who like water sports, this one tourist location is a must-try. Located in a strategic area, this Ayung River rafting is a tourist attraction that gets quite a lot of enthusiasm from tourists.

The river flow is not so fast that this sport is suitable for beginners to try. Even though it looks scary, the Ayung River rapids located in Ubud are worth a try.

ubud monkey

One of the most well-known tourist attractions in Ubud to foreign countries is the monkey forest. This one destination is a protected forest with a variety of tropical trees. In addition, in the forest, there is a sacred temple and a place of worship for Hindus in that area.

Another attraction of the location, which is named Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana, is the presence of many monkeys roaming around. To anticipate the many monkeys that have sprung up, you can visit during the daytime.

saraswati temple

Ubud tourism that is no less interesting is Saraswati Temple, which has many locations with a typical Balinese atmosphere. In this park, there is a Hindu temple that is used as a place of worship and worship of Goddess Saraswati. Right next to the stage, there is a lotus pond that can soothe the heart.

campuhan ridge walk

In addition, the next Ubud tourist attraction that is worth a visit is Campuhan Hill. You can enjoy the natural scenery in the form of soothing green grass and trees.

Usually, tourists like to spend time with their closest ones at dusk. Because, from this evidence, usually the sunset view of the Island of the Gods can be enjoyed in a relaxed manner.

tegenungan waterfall ubud

Tegenungan Waterfall is located at the sacred river of Petanu River, Tegenungan Village south part of Kemenuh Village. It’s about 30 minutes drive from Ubud. This is one of a waterfall in Bali that is fun to visit. There are many steps to go down to the river if you would like to see the waterfall closer. Waterfalls are sharp drops along the course of a river it’s a very nice place to stay because of the green and nature plantation surrounding. There is fresh spring water to use after swimming at the waterfall.

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Exciting Places in Ubud