Bali Culture – Enjoy Bali Arts Museum and Dance Performances

Traveling to Bali, Indonesia will not be complete without enjoy the Bali culture. Bali famous hub for dance performances, thousand of temples, heritage sites, arts, crafts, museum and galleries. Almost everyday has temple anniversary on offer the island. Iconic Bali temples is Uluwatu Cliff Temple best place to watch sunset, Tanah Lot Temple good for sunset scenery, temple on the lake of Bratan Lake and the biggest temple complex of Besakih.

Besakih Temple
Besakih Temple

Balinese Dance Performances

It will be easy to watch traditional Balinese dance in Bali. These performances is like Legong Dance and Kecak Fire Dance perform everyday in different village near Ubud Center and Uluwatu Temple while to watch the sunset. One popular dance you should not miss is the Kecak Dance or Ramayana Monkey Chant. The Dance no musical accompaniment and the rhythm only comes from the performer’s chanting chorus. Other dance performance is Barong Dance held everyday at Batubulan Village near Ubud.

Kecak Dance
Kecak Dance

Visit temples and Heritage Sites

Another way to experience Ubud’s local culture is by visiting some temples and heritage site located near by. If you are planning to visit a temple, keep in mind that these places are sacred so be sure to dress appropriately. Some temples and heritage sites located near Ubud is Saraswati Temple, Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), Gunung Kawi King Memorial, Tirta Empul Temple and more. The temple has ceremony anniversary festivals every 210 days base on Balinese Calendar call uku. Details update monthly temple ceremony anniversary festival and Bali Hindu celebration day please read more.

Elephant Cave
Elephant Cave

Balinese Dance

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Barong Dance

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Bali Temple Festival

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Balinese New Year

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Ubud Village

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