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Is water rafting dangerous? – FAQ Bali Rafting Tour

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Hey back again with Bali Rafting Tour Frequently Asked Questions I hope what I answer is useful for you going forward, let’s go to the questions!

Question :

Is water rafting dangerous?

Answer :

Rafting is safe even for children with certain age restrictions and has a strong hold, is allowed to join the rafting adventure tour.

Safe Tips When Doing Rafting :

  • Choose our destination river
  • Looking for as much information as possible
  • Know the terrain conditions before doing the rafting
  • Pay attention to weather conditions
  • Avoid excessive fear
  • Boat that does not have a strong thrust, when meeting rapids
  • Follow the rules of the guide
  • Avoid the most know and experienced taste
  • Make sure the condition of the body
  • Selection of competent rafting organizer services
  • Use comfortable clothes
  • Pray

Benefits of Rafting :

  • Strengthen the heart
  • Burn calories
  • Lung organ cleanser
  • Exercising body muscles

Now that’s all I can explain, hopefully what I have explained above can be understood by you and if you are still confused you can contact us below!

Book your Bali day tour with us, we will do the best to make your Bali holidays memorable one!

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